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About the Classes

This page contains links to each of the class pages containing the demonstration videos. If you are interested in viewing these videos, please send an email to Dave Martin at dave.martin131@gmail.com to request access. This will require you to set up a Google Account using a new or existing email address. This process only takes a few minutes and is free.

Architecture 101 is a study in the fundamentals of drafting techniques used in architectural drawing, and the basic design procedure relative to good residential planning. The course studies residential building codes, drafting of working drawings, scale drawing of construction details, framing concepts, and proper dimensioning techniques. Lecture 1.5 hours, laboratory 4.5 hours.

Architecture 102 is the study of the design of the single family dwelling with emphasis on the ranch type structure. Discussion covers the latest construction innovations, framing techniques, scale detail drawing, and the drafting of working drawings. Study explores in greater detail the applicable building codes pertinent to residential construction, modular construction, solar planning, insulation requirements, orientation, and other facets of construction. Lecture 1.5 hours, laboratory 4.5 hours.

Architecture 103 is an applied science treating of graphic representation of lines, planes, surfaces, and solids. Architectural applications are used for subject matter. Simple shades and shadows.
Lecture 1.5 hours, laboratory 4.5 hours.
Architecture 105 is a course in technical perspective. Skills are developed in manual drawing techniques of various architectural subjects using formal two-dimensional methods. Introduction to two three-dimensional drawing programs, SketchUp and Rhinoceros is also included. Software topics include graphics user interface, surface editing, rendering, 2d drawing, extrusions, lofting, and digital output.
Lecture 1.5 hours, laboratory 4.5 hours.